Today: Media Services in Hornbake 08:00AM - 10:00PM

Library Media Services - On-Campus equipment

There is a variety of equipment and spaces available for use at Library Media Services in Hornbake. 

Study Space

Library Media Services has a large amount of study space. There are carrels throughout our area with computers (Apple and PC) and TVs with DVD, VHS and cable capabilities. There are also empty tables and carrels available for group or individual study.

Equipment for In-Library Use

Library Media Services has equipment available to view any of our media. These include:

  • Laserdisc players
  • 3/4" players (U-Matic)
  • Cinescan viewers for 16mm films

We also have various audiovisual equipment available for in-library use. Please see a staff member at the service desk to check out the following:

Equipment available for lending

Please see this page for more information and a full list of our equipment available for lending.

We have a number of rooms available for use. See details about them here.