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Meet Your Subject Specialist

Need help using the University Libraries? Subject specialist librarians are here for you! 

How can your librarian help you? 

  • Provide one-on-one research assistance online, in-person, or over the phone
  • Lead instruction sessions that teach your students information literacy skills and research tools
  • Answer your questions about publishing, copyright issues, and preserving digital works
  • Purchase materials (including data) for the University Libraries that facilitate research and instruction
  • Help identify gaps in the literature when you're planning a research project

How can you contact your librarian?

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Kudos and Compliments for
UMD Librarians

  • "You're the Yoda of database/research Jedis!"
  • "You're a detective!"
  • On library orientation sessions: "There is obviously so much value, it just can't be skipped."
  • On building connections: "You are a wonderful asset and friend to the school."
  • On subject guides:"Wow--what a tremendous resource you have created! Thank you!"
  • On research assistance: "Thanks for sending the treasure trove of resources!"
  • On purchasing databases: "Thanks for the good news. Apart from research use, it should be very useful for [our] students."
  • "Every semester I feel I am in your debt for the great wisdom and service you offer my students."
  • "She welcomes student queries and makes herself available to help them conduct research for their projects."
  • "It never ceases to amaze me how hard university librarians work to help students."
  • "You went above and beyond. So thank you so much."
  • "I'm sure you help many students and staff members every day so it was commonplace for you, but it stood out to me how kind and helpful you were."
  • From a colleague at Goucher College: "You have an excellent selection of online resources for this topic."
  • "On research consultations: "UMD’s crack team of research librarians are eager to help."
  • "Thanks very much for your help!"
  • "You're the best!"
  • "You were so wonderful with the students...and I know their final projects were better for it."
  • "You are a saint! And a real colleague!"
  • On library workshops: "I expected just a little help here and there. Instead, I got a world-class service and a thoroughly complete workshop."
  • "The library guide web page you created was superb. It included all the information students might need when performing a literature search."
  • "You were not deterred by the fact that there were over 700 students in the course [and] resolved the myriad of issues that arise when running an exercise of this scale."
  • "Your dedication and ability shone through as you supported all students who had difficulties throughout the duration of this workshop and the course."
  • "The vast majority of the students who completed the assignment found it useful and appreciated the opportunity to learn in [the] workshop."
  • "I look forward to many more semesters of fruitful collaboration."
  • On library workshops: “The vast number of resources we are exposed to is very helpful for research we will have to do in other classes."
  • On library workshops: “The step-by-step instructions... were easy to follow and very detailed and covered a variety of ways to use the resources.”
  • On workshop assignments: “The assignment itself made me more aware of resources available to me as a student.”
  • On workshop assignments: “Each step was carefully and specifically written out. This made it unlikely for me to mess up at any point."
  • On library workshops: "The instruction was easy to follow and I feel it is as best as it can be.”
  • On library workshops: "You created the literature assignment and adjusted it as needed when external issues arose."
  • "You [even] held several training sessions for TA’s so that they in turn could teach students."
  • On library workshops: "With great enthusiasm you prepared a handout detailing how to perform a literature search."
  • "Students view [her] as an authoritative and valuable resource for how to navigate the confusing world of...literature and databases."
  • On library instruction classes: "[Students] see the important to their success in graduate school."
  • "I personally have learned a lot [from her]."
  • "Many thanks for your really useful presentation in our research seminar... we are very grateful."
  • "You have put in a lot of work getting familiar with the specific needs for our program, and it will make all our lives easier in the coming months."
  • "When you left, the students continued to work with unusual earnestness, and honestly seemed to be coming up with sources that would be [useful]."
  • "You made great decisions about hitting the high points and then working with individual students. That strategy really seemed to do the trick."
  • On library workshops: "I can report for sure that [my students] learned a great deal. One woman said that she felt 'newly empowered'!"
  • "Your contribution to my seminar is greatly appreciated."
  • "Many thanks again for taking the time to help the students with their individual research last week. Many of them commented on how helpful you were!"
  • "You are super kind and fabulous. I learned a lot and hope to use all the available sources in my research."
  • "[The] presentation was very engaging, informative, and fun and I think it will help my students as they go about researching their topics for the course."
  • "Thanks for helping my student with his project last semester. It was the best literature review I have seen in years. He really dug in."
  • "You are an ANGEL!! Thank you so much!"
  • "I really do appreciate what you and the library are trying to do to help us with our research – you are always so helpful and kind."
  • "Thank you so much! I think the extra activity, time spent finding citations and using Zotero was exceptionally helpful!"
  • On library instruction: "Thank you for coming in this semester. It's such valuable information."
  • "You are totally awesome."
  • "I really liked the format for today's lecture and in-class exercise. I would like to incorporate [similar techniques] for my class next fall."
  • "Thank you so much for hunting down this article for me. It has been so incredibly helpful for my research."
  • "I truly appreciate your help and responsiveness- your guidance has certainly helped make researching a bit of an easier process for me!"
  • "With all of your help, I did receive the article I needed... and my colleagues and I submitted our manuscript by the deadline."
  • "I could never have asked for more excellent assistance from our Libraries!"
  • "My colleagues and I thank you for your outstanding and diligent service on our behalf. It made a huge difference!"
  • "You have been amazing help. Thank you so much!"
  • "Thank you very much, I appreciate it so much that you took time out to search all this for me. These are all amazing articles."
  • "Thank you SO MUCH for making time to talk to me amid your hectic schedule this week. Your advice was extremely helpful for our project."
  • "Thank you so much for coming to my class this morning!"
  • "I (and my students) appreciated how much information you provided - and how relevant you made it to them and their paper!"
  • "The students said it was very helpful and I believe one student said he wished that other instructors had brought you in to their classes a long time ago!"
  • "Thank you for coming to speak to my class. It was helpful as always."
  • "You are so thoughtful and well prepared. I sincerely believe students will learn tremendously from you."
  • "I would like to thank you for your great presentation in my class. We really enjoyed your talk."
  • "Thank you for showing students how to use Zotero. I believe they will benefit from this software for their whole career."
  • "I wanted to drop you a little note to say THANK YOU again for all of your assistance and guidance yesterday! I truly appreciate it."
  • "Wonderful! Thank you so very much for finding, scanning, and sending!"
  • "I am extremely grateful that you would go so far out of your way to try and help me on this assignment."
  • "The article you gave me is the exact one I have been looking for! This will definitely allow me to go on to the next step in my writing."
  • "You are AWESOME! I appreciate the opportunity to learn something new and am sure my faculty member will appreciate the information."
  • "I am really impressed with how you guys are using Canvas and your flipped classroom project. It's brilliant!"
  • "Thank you so much for helping and teaching my students! You are the best librarian!"
  • "Thank you so much for working with both of my classes... I hope that they will follow up with you in future for any of the research or library needs."
  • "The librarian spoke enthusiastically, knowledgeably, and engagingly about our library while fielding a spectrum of questions from my students."
  • "Everyone was really helpful at the McKeldin Library, and I am very appreciative of all the help there."
  • "Great event you organized. I enjoyed hearing about the faculty member's book."
  • "I am thankful that the libraries make these [field trips] possible, and wanted to highlight the value of the L.A.B. for our students."
  • "The students got a lot out of the librarian's presentation."
  • "I really liked that the librarian showed them a non-referenced, non-edited website that so many of them attempt to use as sources for their papers."
  • "[The resources] really helped me out and my paper came out great."
  • "My students and I learned a lot from each presentation about all the library resources available to support the research required for the numerous assignments in the course."
  • "[My students] seemed to really appreciate the time you gave us. I am so grateful to have [the librarian] as a resource!
  • "Thank you so much for sending this detailed explanation of how to search within the Wall Street Journal through the VBIC titles. This does the trick. I really appreciate it!"
  • "I often think of [the librarian] and the services that you provide students. Thank you for helping me access one of the resources that I continue to use post-graduation."
  • "Although I have come to your sessions every semester that I have been at UMCP, I have learned so very much today, and I want to thank you!"
  • "I have never been involved in anything, at any university that involved so many people of good will pulling together so enthusiastically and effectively for a common purpose."
  • [The student] actually teared up when he saw all of these resources! He was so excited, and kept saying that he can't believe these resources are all available for him.
  • I am a graduate student at UMD-CP and attended the Estate Planning seminar held at McKeldin this past week. I found it extremely useful.
  • Thank you. I hope [the Estate Planning event] is something UMD will consider offering again.
  • The presentation was very helpful. I hope [the Estate Planning event] will be offered again in the future.
  • Many thanks for having the Estate Planning program. I thought it was very informative. I look forward to the next program [on Social Security].
  • I would like to express my appreciation for the librarian for staying late to help me with my research... even though she was scheduled to leave that day.